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9/2 2021
Europcar Mobility Group: Statement on the Total Number of Shares and Voting Rights As of December 31, 2020
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3/2 2021
Europcar Mobility Group Announces the Approval of Its Accelerated Financial Safeguard Plan by the Commercial Court of Paris
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27/1 2021
Europcar Mobility Group Announces the Creation of a Nordic Regional “Cluster” to Leverage Business Opportunities and Develop Synergies Between Its Businesses in Denmark, Finland and Norway
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25/1 2021
Europcar Mobility Group receives for the first time a gold rating from EcoVadis, in recognition of the Group's efforts, particularly in terms of environmental responsibility
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20/1 2021
Europcar Mobility Group in a Position to Finalize Its Financial Restructuring Plan and Accelerate Its Strategic Plan “Connect”, Thus Opening a New Chapter in the Group’s History
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19/1 2021
Europcar Mobility Group Supports the Delivery of Vaccines Against Covid-19 With Flexible Mobility Solutions
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11/1 2021
As part of the step plan enabling the implementation of its financial restructuring, extension of the accelerated financial safeguard proceedings of Europcar Mobility Group
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7/1 2021
Europcar Mobility Group: Approval of the Draft Accelerated Financial Safeguard Plan by the Financial Creditors’ Committee and the Bondholders’ General Meeting
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4/1 2021
Information Available Concerning the Combined Shareholders’ Meeting of Europcar Mobility Group to Be Held on January 20, 2021
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